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Tuxing compressor 110volts!

Tuxing compressor 110volts!


About this item


Item size: 27*21*23cm ; Weight:9.5kg

Voltage: 110V 220V AC/12V DC

Power: 350W

Working Pressure: 30MPa/300Bar/4500Psi

Compression Stage: Two-stage reciprocating

Cooling: Fan cooling

Lubricating Oil: Oil-free

Inflating Rate: 2700 R/min

BLUEGRASS BIG BORE LLC IS not responsible for break downs you and Tuxing will sort that out. These are good machines and I will replace it of it don't work but if it breaks on you after a few uses it's not on us. We buy these as a courtesy so you won't have to go to several different places. Your dealing with High pressure pneumatics and ALL of these don't last forever! No matter what brand. Tuxing has a 90 day warranty if one breaks down after the first day. We will only replace one the day of if it doesn't work but there are no refunds please read the refund policy unless it's the day you get the item after you ship it back and it's in good condition you will be charged a 30% restocking fee on all returns. I don't like it isn't am excuse so don't buy compressors or airguns if your not sure and no bait and switch items will be accepted as returns. Thanks

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