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TUXING 4500Psi Pcp Air Compressor,High Pressure Air Compressor,Adjustable Pressu
  • TUXING 4500Psi Pcp Air Compressor,High Pressure Air Compressor,Adjustable Pressu

    $949.99 Regular Price
    $899.99Sale Price

    110 volts!! Please read return policy & warranty work at the bottom!!! Bluegrass big bore LLC is not responsible for damaged or faulty equipment Tuxing will honor their Warranty what it comes with! IF YOU ARE NEW TO AIRGUNS AND HIGH PRESSURE MACHINES PLEASE GET TRAINED BEFORE USE!!! Very limited warranty with Tuxing machines!!

    Model Number: TXEDT032

    Function: Shut off the compressor automatically

    Working pressure: 4500Psi/30Mpa/300Bar

    Cooling systen: Water and fan cooling

    Air flow rate: 50L/min

    Inflating speed: 2800R/min

    Built-in water cooling system

    Built-in double filter advanced safety valve

    Intake air filtration system

    Built-in water cooling system

    Built-in cooling system easy handle convenience

    we needn't connect to the water pump outside without water bucket,

    Three fans increase the length of radiator,Fast heat dissipation.

    Good cooling system can make the compressor continuous working

    Built-in double filters, no need to connect additional filters, making the air more pure. """ MUST READ""!!

    These are shipped via Tuxing from California. Shipping requires 5 to 7 days if in the United States and warranties are all BY TUXING!!! If product is out of stock in the states it will take 4 to 6 weels to arrivw from china! BLUEGRASS BIG BORE LLC IS NOT LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR WARRANTY WORK! Tuxing has its own warranty specialist to deal with issues! This machine is set up to air a 6.8liter tank in about 40-45 minutes! No returns or refunds!!! This is Tuxing brand and we are just a 3rd party. BLUEGRASS BIG BORE LLC is not responsible for shipping damage or faulty equipment! PLEASE AGAIN IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN THESE MACHINES DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY THEY WILL HAVE PROBLEMS AS WITH ANY HIGH PRESSURE MACHINE!!!! FOLLOW ALL SAFETY GUIDELINES AND USE YOUR HEAS WHEN DEALING WITH COMPRESSORS THAT PRODUCE HIGH PRESSURE AIR!!!


    • NO RETURNS OR WARRANTY WORK BY US!!!! Tuxing only!

      Please read return and warranty policy Bluegrass Big Bore LLC is not responsible for warranty work or for faulty equipment! Tuxing will handle all your work and questions! There is no refunds!!! Buyer beware and have a background in dealing with these!!

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