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!Hatsan Piledriver 50 cal! NEW! NO SCOPE OR BIPOD
  • !Hatsan Piledriver 50 cal! NEW! NO SCOPE OR BIPOD

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    NO SCOPE OR BIPOD! ALL CALIBERS COME WITH FREE Mr. Hollowpoint slugs with the order!!!

    PLEASE READ ALL! Brand New for 2023!  62 Caliber PileDriver! The PileDriver has proven to be one of the MOST POWERFUL production PCP air rifles on the market! Optimized for HIGH-POWERED HUNTING applications, it can produce over 800 FPE in the .50 caliber and over 700 FPE in the .62 and .45 caliber models. With a long, 33-inch PRECISION RIFLED barrel, this bullpup design keeps the max length under 4 feet. While you can get up to 6 high-powered shots at optimal velocity, you also get a max effective big game hunting range of up to 120 YARDS! With its single-shot, extra-large loading port, the Piledriver can accommodate ammo up to 34mm in length. Perfect for your BIG GAME HUNTING!

    If you order Hatsan Airguns allow 3 business days for me to have them in stock if sold out!

    There are no refunds! Guns are tested before shipping Hatsan has a Factory limited warranty which they will do all the warranty work if needed! Contact me and i will have a label sent out to you to return to Hatsan! Buying and saying you don't like it is not gonna get a refund! If you get the gun and the day of return it after the gun has gotten back and made sure its not broken or messed up you will get a 25% restocking fee!! Make sure you have the money before you spend and that you have some experience with PCP airguns! only Shipping to places airguns are allowed to be shipped to!!! We respect and follow all laws surrounding shipping and restrictions! WE DO NOT SHIP OITSIDE THE UNITED STATES!! SAFETY FIRST WEAR GOGGLES WHILES USING AND NEVER POINT GUNS AT ANYONE!


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