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BinTac Customized Terminator .30 Gen 2 With External Adjustable Regulator

BinTac Customized Terminator .30 Gen 2 With External Adjustable Regulator


Muzzle Velocity: .30Cal 1000FPS JSB 52GR 110FPE JSB44.75GR .Length: 20" SHROUDED Pressure: .30 500CC Front 4500 PSI MAX FILL . Overall Length: 42 Inches Butt-Stock Folded: 32 Inches Action: Semiautomatic Weight: 9.5Lbs Optic: Pic We utilize a front and rear double cylinder structure, the whole gun has a 500 CC air tank. If there are special requirements, it can easily be extended to 1200CC. Newly Added: Bubble Level for more accuracy Tactical Chasisess for more tactical Installation Power Adjustment for using either Slugs or Pellets Newly Desinged Mags for Bigger slugs Lighter Trigger Pull to increae the Accurac! The overall design is simple and reliable. It is relatively light and has high accuracy. The Integral muffler effectively controls the loudness, so you never notice you’re taming a big game hunting monster! Velocity: Length:20-28" AEA barrel Removable bottle with pressure 4500 psi max fill pressure(Optinal) Mass weight:7.2lbs Integral shroud Single shot, semi-auto freely switch.

FRIENDLY ALERT; PLEASE READ BELOW THE TvERMS AND THE RETURN EXCHANGE POLICY CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PURCHASE! We appreciate your business. We do not Accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective the listing complies with USA air gun guidelies and I will only sell and ship air guns to buyers in jurisdictions where permitted!!!


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